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Your City Council campaign letters

Arensman led through recession

I had the privilege of serving with Russ Arensman during his previous term on Glenwood’s City Council. During this time, I and the other members of council learned to appreciate Russ’s thoughtful insight into the complex issues that only those of us who have actually served can really appreciate. Not the least of these was dealing with a significant economic downturn that could have very negatively impacted important city services and our community as a whole.

Russ was instrumental in developing means to not only minimize the impact of the downturn but also helped to find ways to complete new projects in cooperation with local business. Thanks to Russ’s leadership we were not only able to help our local businesses but also assisted in their ability to continue to employ many workers who may otherwise have lost their jobs due to the downturn.

Russ demonstrates a strong understanding of the needs of both our community and its government. For years, he has devoted countless hours to participation in boards and commissions that work behind the scenes to assure that Glenwood continues to move forward strongly and efficiently. As a result of this service and his understanding of the issues, he can hit the ground running and effectively serve from day one.

Russ is strongly committed to the betterment of our entire community and, as he has already demonstrated, will conscientiously advocate for all of its citizens when elected. To learn more about Russ visit:

Bruce Christensen

Glenwood Springs

Arensman’s agreeable personality

I support and strongly encourage my fellow Ward 1 residents to vote for Russ Arensman for City Council. Russ has a very good disposition for this work. He will hit the ground running thanks to his previous experience on the council.

The two Ward 1 candidates in this race do share many of the same ideas, which is good. It is nice to have some unification in the vision of what is good for the current and future of Glenwood Springs.

My vote for Russ Arensman is based on his agreeable personality and willingness to put in the time and energy which is needed to successfully represent the needs of our community, now and the future. Russ is the right candidate at the right time. I am thankful for his willingness to take on this important position again.

Ann Szucs-Spencer

Glenwood Springs

Trauger: Deep knowledge of issues

Congratulations and thank you to all candidates vying for City Council seats. In my opinion, it takes great dedication and courage to step into positions where you will never please everyone and your work may sometimes seem thankless. Your willingness to step forward is to be applauded.

I attended the chamber’s Issues & Answers Forum at City Hall and the candidates were clear to point out that Glenwood is at a crossroads with extremely important decisions on many challenging issues including pedestrian safety, the bridge, confluence, bypass and on.

Given the complex nature of these issues or challenges, I ask you to support Kathryn Trauger for the at-large seat on City Council. I have served with Kathryn on the Planning and Zoning Commission, of which she is the chairperson. Kathryn does her homework, studies issues and listens very closely to feedback. Kathryn has a very deep knowledge of all the issues and, as she stated at Issues & Answers, she has been preparing for City Council for six years by serving on multiple boards, commissions and attending training workshops.

Thank you for your consideration, but most importantly, please vote.

Lin Stickler

Glenwood Springs

Feed My Sheep mistake

Life can be extremely hectic these days. Sometimes we forget to take the time out and smell the roses or to say thank you to someone who has touched our hearts.

Kathy Williams, running for City Council, is this person. She is an energetic woman who has a passion for our community. Recently I was fortunate enough to spend some time with her. We discussed several topics, but the main one was how much money does the city grant to Feed My Sheep. I explained the funding for our organization. Through an article she wrote a few days later I found the information I gave her was wrong.

I immediately started searching and found I had posted the first funding check to our checking account but I did not post the check to the city’s journal. My deepest apology to Kathy, the city and to our donors. I ask for forgiveness from anyone I may have misled.

I have been involved with the homeless community for 12 years and the last five I have been the director of Feed My Sheep. This has never happened before, I will be more aware of my bookkeeping skills in the future. Also, I would never jeopardize our relationship with the city, residents, business owners or donors. I know my apology may not be enough but we are all human and we all make mistakes.

Kathy, the best to you during this journey and to the city, thank you for supporting this vital community outreach.

Karen Peppers

New Castle

Candidates: What about the homeless?

I ask the following question to our candidates for City Council: What are your thoughts and possible solutions to the persistent and growing problem of homeless street people in our community?

It is my understanding that a meeting is slated with City Council sometime in May concerning this issue. Considering that some of these individuals may very well be veterans who have served our country; perhaps some thoughtful “pondering” may be needed to make effective decisions on this issue.

Joe Mollica

Glenwood Springs

Davis’ fair-minded decision-making

Patty and I are retired engineers and have been members of our wonderful Glenwood Springs community since 2011. Patty is a Colorado native, and we both fell in love with Glenwood Springs 30 years ago during frequent visits while attending the Colorado School of Mines.

During the past year we have had the privilege of working closely with Steve Davis while remodeling our Glenwood Springs home. We have developed a strong appreciation for Steve’s fair-minded and consistent decision-making and his effectiveness at leading talented individuals in solving problems and building consensus. Steve has the endorsement of incumbent Ted Edmonds, who along with Steve has a thorough understanding of the important issues facing Glenwood Springs and agrees that Steve’s vision and experience will be excellent in representing our community on the City Council.

In addition to developing a friendship with Steve and Marilyn and understanding Steve’s passion for the success of our community and all its citizens, we have witnessed firsthand his experience in managing a construction business and his numerous qualifications as a leader. We are pleased to endorse Steve Davis for City Council.

Mike and Patty Starzer

Glenwood Springs

Glenwood must prioritize

From the somewhat positive, dogged persistence implied in Cheryl Brandon’s letter on Floyd Diemoz’s comments, one would have thought he was a bypass proponent. In his op-ed his final statement endorses the new bridge.

He may only want to go back 40 years … and does have specifics, but the idea of alternative routing of traffic goes back further. It’s ironic that over 60 years ago an early Chevy dealer opposed any other route through Glenwood, while a more recent Chevy dealer favors a bypass.

All this would not be an issue if Glenwood had the luxury of more land. It doesn’t. It doesn’t have the luxury of a new bridge and a bypass, not for those alive today. It does have the luxury of the rail corridor, if it’s respected — that is, still leaving options open for RFTA. This isn’t a winner-take-all situation, it must be shared and be realistic. To fragment the rail corridor or potential routes is gearing up for controversy and precluding what few options exist for a bypass alternatives.

Use it or lose it. You can’t have both. No bypass proposal is as good as never getting one built. A bypass proposal is necessary to avoid being stuck with a bridge into town that will not attract quality merchants. Glenwood would not rate even as high as an Estes Park or a Manitou Springs.

Glenwood needs to prioritize to preclude its fate, driven by special, short-term interests. Appeal to the powers that be, and to council candidates with a bypass proposal now.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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