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Letter: To the left

I just love the Post Independent’s “unbiased” reporting on the Raise immigration act (8-6-17).

First they interviewed Jennifer Smith, who makes her living keeping people here illegally from being deported. No bias there. Then Jon Fox-Rubin, executive director of helping immigrants in the valley (illegally?) chimed in another unbiased opinion.

Next a couple of Democratic pols, Polis and Bennet, added their 2 cents worth of ”progressive” liberalism. Score: Left-4, Right-0.

The PI even dug up a Republican from South Carolina who doesn’t mind screwing legal U.S. workers to make more money for billionaires off cheap, illegal labor.

I think if you’re going to do an op-ed piece, don’t try passing it off as “news” on page one. I just discovered a new oxymoron: the Post Independent and unbiased reporting. So sad.

Bruno Kirchenwitz



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