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Letter: To the mediocre have-nots

What is a socialist? It’s somebody who doesn’t have anything and is ready to divide it up equally among everybody. People who have a mediocre life are people who have chosen a career in a crowded profession. In their early years they took the easy way out by deciding not to select a lifestyle that paid large rewards. They didn’t or couldn’t foresee the future. They needed instant gratification.

Hourly workers, wait staff in bars and restaurants, government workers and the like feel they deserve more of the pie created by those who furthered their education in college or a trade school and acquired a needed skill that others are willing to pay for, in many cases very big bucks. Some people are motivated to achieve others are not. The “have-nots” won’t ever have to worry about being in a higher income bracket. But they will always want a bigger piece of the pie created by the “haves.”

Everybody makes life choices every day. Some are better at making the right choice than others. That’s the way it is. Life is a gamble.

My answer to the “have-nots” is you made your bed so lie in it. Remember the Declaration of Independence — ”all men are created equal.”

I’m so tired of spending my tax dollars on useless government hand-out programs, If Hillary wins the election, expect higher taxes and more giveaway programs, especially to people pouring over the open borders. Anyone who is even considering voting for Hillary has got to be completely disassociated with reality.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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