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Letter: Together, voting women are powerful

I write to bring to mind for female voters that before we were Republicans or Independents or Democrats we were young women, little girls who were treated differently than the “boys will be boys” that we grew up with.

In my family, the smile of adoration was always shining for my brother, almost always in spite of any bad behavior. As a younger sister I never properly felt a slight because I adored and looked up to him as well. It is now that I understand what educational and monetary consequences this favoritism engendered, of course also continually reinforced institutionally by society in general; most visible the wound of reduced expectations. My job was to get married.

Both our religions and our government are structured to keep women in service and out of positions of leadership. The older white men of this country believe this paradigm of power is how it should be and visibly, as in the case of Congress, fight to keep it just so.

There is not a woman among us who can say they are untouched either by the raw sexual end of the male dominance spectrum or the softer subjugation of gender discrimination in hiring, promotions, or dismissal of our righteous anger with “there there” head patting. It is time for a change.

Neither your father, your brother, nor your husband is automatically wiser than you. Our vote is a path to change and as it just so happens many of our current women candidates are qualified with wisdom and perspective. It is time to stop hinging “the privileging of male mediocrity on the exploitation of female disadvantage”. (Mediocrity is glaringly represented on the western slope, by Scott Tipton.) Together, voting women are powerful. Vote and elect those qualified women. Our gender perspective is humane, valuable and born of a lifetime of experience with privileged white male power.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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