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Letter: Too important for a tweet

“Humans don’t cause warming” by Dick Prosence of Meeker appeared in Letters to Editor on Nov. 15. Careful not to exceed the 350 word limit, Mr. Prosence submitted only 81 words and, as per the playbook by climate change deniers, opened his brief letter with an attempt to insult those who recognize the damage of climate change.

The documentary to which Mr. Prosence referred was produced by a former staffer of Sen. James Inhofe, R-Oklahoma. For those who may not be familiar with Sen. Inhofe, in February 2015, he appeared on the Senate floor with a snowball to disprove climate change. It is also no surprise that the majority of Sen. Inhofe’s contributions are from the oil and gas and energy sectors.

Climate change is among the most significant issues facing this and future generations. In the future, I hope that the Post Independent imposes more scrutiny when deciding to offer nothing more than an opportunity for curious readers to “click on a link” to a debunked documentary. After the most recent election cycle, social media is examining their role in permitting “faux news” and other misinformation, and it would be good for the Post Independent to do the same.

With an issue as important as climate change, the editors of the Post Independent must insist in more substance before the articles are submitted. In a bit of irony, many respected editors resigned in protest over research that was cited (Soon and Baliunas) by Sen. Inhofe, that proven inaccurate by leading climate scientists.

Peter Tibbetts
Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: Letters to the editor are for people’s opinions. While we believe that humans contribute to climate change and that climate change is a serious issue, and while we decline to publish some letters that make clearly false claims, we continue to allow people to express their opinions on this topic. We provided the link to the documentary so those interested could decide for themselves.

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