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Letter: Too worried about pot

Talk about making up your own facts, local purist and expounder of the “killer weed” mindset Dendy Heisel writes: ”Legal action against students for marijuana-related offenses has steadily risen over the last few years.”

Hmmmm? Two days prior to Dendy’s letter, the Dec. 24 Denver Post’s page six headline read: ”Teen pot use declines in Colorado.” Dendy reminds me of Chicken Little running amok and whimpering,”the sky is falling.” Dendy’s precious, impressionable offspring are going to turn into junkies from a legal business selling legal goods to adults? If that’s all it takes to corrupt progeny, then I suggest that some parental shortcomings might share in that responsibility.

As far as gas and grass combining mood elevation with motor vehicle navigation, that is illegal and everyone already drives to the pot shops anyway.

So let me end this reply by reassuring Dendy that pot use is by far not the worst option for adults. For proof just look at what a peachy, prince of a person I turned out to be after a half century of attitude adjustments. And ho-ho-ho, how’d ya think old St. Nick stays so jolly?

Bruno Kirchenwitz

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