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Letter: Toxic influence

Mr. Floyd Diemoz correctly opined on June 24 that there is a human component to global warming. He then wandered into an irrelevant discussion of early campfires, ice ages, opinions of non-climate scientists and “scattered applause” for President Obama at a State of the Union address.

He finally wrote that “intelligent folks can, on their own, easily uncover unwelcome, yet very legitimate research.” He concluded with the absolutely ludicrous opinion that variance in Earth’s distance from the sun and orbital wobble, not man, are the major contributors to climate change, thereby refuting his own thesis. The complexity of ever-developing climate science and the massive amount of deliberately false information injected into the ideological echo chambers of the Internet mean even “intelligent folks” can be misled.

The persistence of Diemoz’s views in a significant portion of the public and in our current, shall we say, “curious” Trump administration is reflective of the toxic influence of fossil fuel money in the U.S. including (especially?) Garfield County.

David Schroeder

New Castle

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