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Letter: Traffic solution

I guess I’m confused again, because I don’t see the big issue with the bridge detour/partial opening.

When two lanes can be opened on the bridge, make both of those lanes northbound to access Exit 116 and north Glenwood. Anyone wishing to go south on 82, from I-70 or north Glenwood, uses the West Glenwood Exit 114.

The buses will move away from helping the detour about the same time you can open two lanes, which puts 22 percent of the commuters back into the mix. You’ve got a good working portion of the detour, from 114 to Grand; keep it as is until the third lane can be opened.

Sending commuters over the bridge will relieve much of the pressure on the West Glenwood roundabouts, allowing the southbound portion of the detour to work better. If you did this, there would be no Blake Avenue afternoon race any longer, and you could eliminate any northbound detour and most of the delay time commuters now suffer.

Where can I send my bill, Graham?

Brad Gates

New Castle

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