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Letter: Traffic woes and solutions

How long would it take after the proposed South Bridge is built before Midland Avenue becomes a bypass for Highway 82?
Answer: About one week. The commuters from the west will realize that they can go from Eighth and Midland to Highway 82 without one signal light to impede their drive time, resulting in a huge impact on Midland and my Ward 5.

The city and county need to come up with an evacuation plan sooner than later. It would be a lot cheaper to construct a pedestrian bridge across the Roaring Fork River from Park East to South Grand Avenue as an escape route rather than spending $40-50 million on the South Bridge.

Ward 5’s immediate concern is the constant threat of a major rockslide blocking the exit out of the Glenwood Park area. This should be addressed now and measures taken to lessen the threat.

I was hoping at last week’s candidate forum that one of the questions would have been about possible solutions to the traffic nightmare that will occur during the bridge closing. My first suggestion is to position a human being to manually control the signal lights at each intersection and a human being at all major intersections without signal lights.

If there is any time in the city’s history that experience matters on council, it is now. As your new councilman for Ward 5, I have the expertise needed to get us through the next few years of major constant disruptions.

Don “Hooner” Gillespie
Glenwood Springs

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