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Letter: Traffic worsening

As I (who actually live in Glenwood Springs) try to drive across Grand Avenue, it is becoming more and more frustrating. The commuter traffic can’t refrain from blocking the intersections — granted most of them are too busy on their cell phones to be aware of what they are doing — but if they might look up maybe they could see that there is no room for them before they enter the intersection.

Those of us who are trying to cross Grand have 5-10 seconds of green light in which to do so, then we wait forever for another green light. Ridiculous, right? Eighth street is especially concerning since the Fire Department and paramedics often need to come out on Grand there.

Maybe a notice on the pavement, a sign, a traffic cop at rush hour (paid by the bridge construction) something so we do not have to wait through five or six lights to get across. Of course then you carry on to the four-way stop at the courthouse where grown adults can’t figure out how to take turns. It amuses me when the kids are in the backseat as to what kind of manners and fair play they are teaching them. They need a traffic cop there too, in my opinion.

Please, people, wake up, have a heart, put down your cell phone. We all have to get through this together and it is going to get worse before it gets better. In all honesty, I don’t believe it will get better when they are done; we will just have the same gridlock and inconsiderate people driving through our town. We can only hope.

Tricia Farrell

Glenwood Springs

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