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Letter: Trafficking article raises questions

On Sept. 20, you ran a front-page article about the sex trafficking of children called, “Sting highlights ‘devastating’ reality of human trafficking.” (Why was devastating in quotations? But that doesn’t even make my top three list of questions). I’m sure that my reaction was shared by many in the valley — this kind of horrible thing is happening here? But the article left three huge unanswered questions for me:

1. The police lament not doing the bust on Friday and Saturday. In fact, the subtitle of the article included this sad piece of news; “Carbondale police chief says more would have been caught had operation included Saturday night.” So, assuming the police could choose when to do their sting, why didn’t they do it on Friday/Saturday instead of the Thursday/Friday?

2. Catching the sick people who want to have forced sex with children (because surely, they haven’t deceived themselves into thinking that a 13-year-old girl chose this line of work) is great, but there is absolutely no mention of trying to bring down the people supplying the girls. One can only assume that this is where the real change will happen.

3.  The most glaring omission to this article: The piece ends with this line, “Stryker also has prepared a tip sheet of signs of trafficking, and advice for what to do if someone sees something suspicious.” So why not supply the public with this tip sheet? You’ve brought attention to the problem, you’ve said common people need to be armed with the information to spot this kind of thing in their community, so arm us. Publish Stryker’s tip sheet so we know what to look for and can all do our part to stop this despicable behavior in our valley.

Thanks for listening.

Darcy Gaechter

Glenwood Springs

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