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Letter: Trail must protect wildlife

I understand that Pitkin County is thinking about putting the next segment of the Crystal Valley Trail on the east side of the Crystal River above the BRB. This is a bad idea.

There is very limited and therefore extremely important wildlife habitat on the east side of the river. It has been used by deer, elk, beaver and hundreds of other species as a relatively undisturbed with limited traffic and activity. The old grade from Avalanche Creek is especially important for bighorn sheep to travel between the grazing ranges.

There is a viable corridor on the west side of the river to allow the trail to continue through this narrow canyon. These sheep are facing numerous problems in their determined fight to survive in this native location. It has been proven in numerous studies that human activity stresses these and other species from birds to elk. Let’s leave the east side of this valley for what left of our wildlife.

Tell Pitkin County trails to keep the trail in the travel corridor where the road is. The sheep claim historic use and can show continued use of this travel corridor. They have met and decided on advice of the Utes to not let the white man cross.

John Seidel

San Luis Obispo, California

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