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Letter: Trail through private property needs to be discussed

The Boy Scout Trail is a Glenwood Springs amenity that most never give a second thought. Trail users may think of it as public land that provides the populace with amazing recreational opportunities. However, like most things, it’s not that simple.

As the Scout Trail descends to Eighth Street it crosses private land. With that private ownership comes liabilities. From an unfortunate accident, to the city’s transient population using it as employee housing, to the risk of fire originating on the land, there are a myriad of issues a private landowner must consider. The solutions to these liabilities could prove unpopular.

The owner could put up a gate and deny the citizenry the use of the trail. The owner could render it impassable. I suppose the landowner could even charge for entry.

These remedies to the property owner’s liabilities could be in the future of Glenwood’s most iconic recreational trail. This letter isn’t written to imply that any of these unpleasant actions are imminent. It is written to inform the people of Glenwood Springs that private property on the Boy Scout Trail is a reality and its future should become an item of discussion.

Johnny Boyd,
Snowmass Village

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