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Letter: Trash on the ground

At least five days a week, I walk the loop from the 14th Street pedestrian bridge south on the Rio Grande Trail to 27th and back north on Midland. I fill a grocery bag with trash every day, which consists mainly of banana peels, 2-ounce liquor bottles, beer cans, cigarette boxes, pop cans, water bottles and pastry wrappers. I refuse to pick up the full doggy poop bags. The dog owners who fill them should be carrying those with them. There are many trash cans along the trail.

I would like to see a campaign started in the schools such as the “Woodsy Owl says, ‘Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute’“ that was introduced many years ago. If the children are educated, perhaps they will shame their parents into not throwing trash on the ground.

Linda Beckwith

Glenwood Springs

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