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Letter: Trauger shouldn’t use Wilson’s retirement to criticize new City Council members

I will start by thanking Terry Wilson for his service to the city of Glenwood Springs and it’s citizens. I wish him well in his retirement and next big adventure.

Unless I missed something, in Ms. Kathryn Trauger’s column she was just guessing why Terry decided to retire earlier then he originally said. If I were just guessing, I would say that he decided that he would like to enjoy the wonderful fall season and get a head start on his next big adventure. But maybe that’s just what I would do if I were in the same situation.

She then goes on to write that the City Council with its three new members might be to blame for the current disharmony in the city building. She says that we’re almost six months from the last city election, and wonders why the new members haven’t found the $2 million to repair the streets. It’s actually been four months and yes, the street in front of my house has been repaired. It wasn’t totally ripped up and repaved but it was resurfaced and is a whole lot better than it was, and without a tax increase. I read about future street projects coming up so it appears that some of the promises made are being kept. I also would like to know what campaign promises Ms. Trauger was able to fulfill in her first four months on the City Council. Also, I’m pretty sure that the new City Council members will serve their full term and try to fulfill the promises they made to the citizens of Glenwood Springs when they asked for their vote. Regarding the city staff, they should be held accountable as well as the City Council. They are paid some pretty impressive salaries to deliver the goods, and a lot of time it seems their answer is to raise taxes, rates and fees.

One last thing about transparency, the three new members of City Council are very transparent about what they think and how they feel. That seems to be a bit different than the other members that have spent millions on the Seventh Street beautification only to let us know at the last minute that they really think the street should be closed to auto traffic. Am I really to believe that wasn’t  the plan all along? That’s some transparency.

It’s a street and should stay a street.

Ms. Trauger could have written a column just thanking Terry Wilson instead of using his retirement as an excuse to complain about her displeasure with the new City Council. She could do that next month.

Stanley Trulock 
Glenwood Springs

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