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Letter: Traveler needs flexibility

This is about the Traveler, the Garfield County senior van and its blanket rule. The rule is 48-hour notice for a trip on the Traveler.

I had an urgent trip to the doctor to be seen the next day. I was refused because I did not give the 48-hour notice. I am in a wheelchair and totally disabled. My only alternative is an ambulance and the ER, which is very expensive for everyone and against hospital policy.

It would be easier and cheaper to take me by Traveler. The 48-hour rule is fine to go to lunch or to a bridge game but not for medical urgency. My only other alternative is to ride my wheelchair down Third Street across the bridge and down Airport Road to the hospital, which is very dangerous.

This rule should be changed and be more flexible to cover everyone, not just lunch eaters and bridge players. I ask commissioners and city managers to reconsider this rule and make it more flexible.

When I was released from the hospital they made an exception and gave me a ride home. None of my family members have wheelchair lifts on their own car, which cost $40,000.

I try to be independent. I see other people being picked up by the Traveler who can walk and have family members who can drive them.

Ronald Steinbach


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