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Letter: Treasured trash

Dear City of Glenwood Springs, please, please, please do not cancel the spring trash pickup. To the argument that it makes the town look messy for a few weeks before tourist season, so what? Isn’t it better to have trash out for a few weeks than to have people tossing their stuff in the street throughout the year? That’s what would happen without a designated collection period.
And what may be a mess to you is prime trash-picking time to others. The cheerful tin chicken in my garden is just one of the items I’ve recovered from the rainbow of refuse, the cornucopia of crapola, the joyous jubilee of junk offered up during those weeks.
We’ve already lost our convenient downtown recycling. A voucher to the landfill isn’t all that helpful to taxpayers without trucks. Please don’t take away our yearly trash pickup.
Deborah Williams
Glenwood Springs


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