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Letter: TRIDENT problems

So Sheriff Vallario finally stumbled onto something and was able to make use of his TRIDENT cartel. An illegal grow worked by immigrants. I’m sure they showed up with all their dangerous toys, i.e. automatic weapons, armored personal, bulletproof vests. But does this even the books on the many times the TRIDENT task force mafia has wrecked people’s lives with bogus informant information or stupid sting operations?

All of Sheriff Vallario’s whiny remarks in defense of his need to make “probable cause,” goes out the window when he and his TRIDENT gang can wreck a man’s livelihood, destroy his home and ruin is family with their mistakes and not be held accountable. Do we need such dangerous nonsense in our communities?

Every “law enforcer,” judge and anyone else who approved or helped enforce an action that ends up wrongful and hurtful should be held accountable. Maybe we can eliminate this police state mentality and have peace officers and not police enforcers.

Sheriff Vallario, maybe we don’t need a new district attorney, maybe we need a new sheriff, not someone left over from Ronnie Reagan’s war on drugs. And, dear sheriff, please remember there is no them or us, only us. Let’s take the TRIDENT drug task force money and create a mental health task force and really solve or drug use problems.

Louwanna Clark

Glenwood Springs

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