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Letter: Trouble getting an ID

I want to explain the mind-boggling difficulty of acquiring a simple photo ID in this otherwise wonderful state I’ve called home now for over six years. The point of the subject is, I won’t be running to fetch my thankfully humble police records for anyone.

When did that become part of the program folks?

Fifty-five years of relevant documentation, gathered and presented over time, again and again, should have been more than plenty.

Then I was required to make a phone call, which is when the police record thing came up.

At wit’s end, one contemplates the logistics of a meeting with the director of the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles, perhaps the Department of Revenue, as well. Although I’d probably need a photo ID for that.

You know, I’d really, really rather be doing a short bit on other subjects, like oh, say, restaurant reviews, preferably steakhouses … something.

Come to think of it, I wonder if a column or a review with my picture atop it would help toward getting a photo ID.

Keith Richard Wayne
Glenwood Springs

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