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Letter: True commissioner colors

I hope you all read the article in Tuesday, Aug. 21, Post Independent on our county commissioners disapproval of Ballot Initiative 97. This initiative would push the setback on oil & gas operations to 2,500 feet.

I think this article shows the true colors of our county commissioners, they are more concerned with the county bank account than with the health of Garfield County citizens. They seem to always ignore all the medical issues people have had living next to gas wells. The respiratory problems, skin rashes, houses blowing up and the contaminated water spills into our streams.

They are willing to except all the health risks in exchange for money, but are you willing to put your families health at risk for any amount of money? I bet not.

In the article the commissioners said, “This proposal will destroy Garfield County and Garfield County government.” I think a lot of you were here, like myself, before the big oil & gas boom came to our county; we still had a county and county government. I bet if you talk to anyone that is dealing with a severe illness, if they had a choice to get paid a lot of money and stay sick or have less money and be healthy, what would they say.

After reading this article you will most likely be one way or the other, either you agree with the commissioners to put money ahead of public health or you will put your family and your neighbors’ families health first.

Our commissioners have already shown us they will do just that by allowing drilling right in the residential neighborhoods in Battlement Mesa. We all have control of this situation by voting against our present commissioners when they come up for re-election, which just so happens to be in November.

Be proactive, read about what our commissioners have approved in the past. We need to protect ourselves, because they have shown that they won’t.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

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