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Letter: Trump and Memorial Day

I saw a Trump 2020 bumper sticker the other day, and the first amusing thought that I had was that they must be from New York and they don’t want him back.

On a more sobering thought, it is Memorial Day weekend; as you pick a decoration for your bumper dwell on this — Donald Trump brags about not paying personal income tax, which means that he has not paid for one minute of a soldier defending our country nor indeed for a single thread for a flag draped on the coffin of those that served our nation or indeed died serving our nation.

Yes —before you get reactionary — his companies pay a variety of taxes including real estate taxes, which they push to the extreme of not paying, and of course lodging taxes, sales taxes, etc.

At the end of the day the widows and children of our fallen heroes will pay more personal taxes in a day, than Donald J. Trump brags about not paying in a lifetime. Take a moment of silence and dwell on that.

Would you wear the name of your prom date proudly on your bumper knowing that she slept with a porn star? Well, I guess some guys would, and do.

(For the record, my father — who passed away last week — served as a Color Guard at the Korean embassy, but with a nod and a wink, preferred running the commissary; and, yeah, his family emigrated from Mexico and before that Spain. Spanish, the other Europeans. My father’s sister, my aunt, also of Mexican descent, was a proud military wife for 51 years married to a man that served for 31 years, retired as a colonel and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Numerous others in my family have served with honor and sacrifice; can Donald Trump say the same of his family?)

Marco Diaz


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