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Letter: Trump, Clinton won’t help

I’m an unaffiliated voter who has observed this election with growing amazement. The spiraling ugliness is a global embarrassment to our entire country. But the thing that makes me most incredulous is that anyone thinks either of the major party candidates will make a difference in our day-to-day lives.

Both spout the same rhetoric about making our lives better, which is purely manipulative. After all, they represent the two factions responsible for the struggles of the middle class; career politicians and the very rich. The two have worked together to change the rules of our government and economy to serve their greed for power and money. At the same time, they have gamed the system and use distraction to keep us from doing anything about it.

I’m sure that there are some good people among the politicians and wealthy who want to change things as much as you and I. But these two don’t qualify. We are electing a placeholder for four years.

Hopefully we will get some real options in 2020. For those of us not under the influence of either campaign’s Kool-Aid, assess all candidates and decide who can perform the basic functions of the office while doing the least amount of damage.

Because if we can finally elect someone who is in it for us instead of themselves in four years, they’ll have a tough enough job restoring a level playing field for all Americans without having to clean up after incompetence. If you are truly fed up it’s time to reject the entire party system, think for yourself and remain focused on finding someone to represent our interests. You can’t change the game if you are being played.

Marc Riddick
New Castle

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