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Letter: Trump guaranteed a second term

The circus House Dems are staging with the blatant harassment of Trump is disgusting. They scraped the bottom of the swamp when they called John Dean — a felon convicted of obstruction and disbarred from practicing law — to give his perspective relating Watergate to Trump. This CNN talking head lied 19 times to Congress and then flipped on Nixon to save his own pathetic butt. The Dems don’t care that Dean is a disgraced piece of human garbage, they have no shame.

Democratic presidential hopefuls are going nuts promising everyone free stuff. Forgive college loan debt? Really? I thought people went to college to get smarter. What makes them so special that their student loans should be treated differently than mortgages or car loans? Geez, take responsibility! Then there’s Bernie, a millionaire who’s going to redistribute other bigger millionaire’s millions.

The socialist people’s party of California is paying for illegal aliens’ medical, while over 130,000 Americans, many of them veterans, are homeless living on the streets. 140,000 illegals caught last month and Dems say Trump “manufactured” this crisis.

CNN, Pelosi, Nadler, they’re all a sad joke. Thankfully the mass ineptitude of the 23 Dems running for their party’s nomination guarantees a second term for the President.

Bruno Kirchenwiz.

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