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Letter: Trump least qualified

Republicans and independents who cross party lines to vote for Hillary Clinton this year will find themselves in good company. Among the nearly 70 prominent Republicans publicly supporting her candidacy thus far are:

Ken Adelman, Marc Andreessen, Richard Armitage, Michael Bloomberg, Max Boot, Sally Bradshaw, Nicholas Burns, Michael Chertoff, James Clad, Michael Donley, David Durenberger, James Glassman, Carlos Gutierrez, Richard Hanna, Carla Hills, Gordon Humphrey, Peter Mansoor, Rosario Marin, William Milliken, Connie Morella, John Negroponte, David Nierenberg, Henry Paulsen, Colin Powell, Larry Pressler, William Reilly, Nicholas Rostow, William Ruckelshaus, Brent Scowcroft, John Warner, Meg Whitman and Christine Todd Whitman. Check out the growing list yourself at washingtonpost.com.

Even former President George H.W. Bush reportedly told a reporter he was planning to vote for Mrs. Clinton. And it’s hardly a surprise.

Donald Trump has so many obvious character and temperament flaws, espouses such incendiary and often contradictory policy positions and brings so little relevant experience to the job, that it’s hard to see him as anything but one of the least qualified presidential candidates of our time.

The pervasive fear and loathing that has fueled much of Trump’s appeal to a fed-up electorate has not gone away, and cannot be dismissed lightly. But as this distinctly unpleasant election season draws to a close, Americans of all political persuasions may finally have found something to agree upon: Hillary Clinton, while hardly perfect, is far and away the less frightening of the two leading candidates.

Russ Arensman
Glenwood Springs

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