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Letter: Trump more real

There’s something ironic with Hillary being so closely associated with Anthony Weiner.

Some things are fanciful, some are amusing, others are hard fact. Hillary as president is an oxymoron: Imagine her being elected and then having to go through an internal investigation. What is “stronger together” going to really mean for those who identify with the slogan? Maybe “too big to jail” would fall flat for those supporters.

Die-hard Democrats and six-figure incomes are Hillary’s base. That’s why odd couples like Glen Beck on Charlie Rose and Michael Moore on “The Kelly File” are in support of Hillary. Even Rachel Maddow was puckering up about at the thought of a Bernie Sanders primary win. Heaven help this populist movement, it has an uphill road. It hasn’t been this intense since FDR, when there was a smaller elite base opposing the climb then.

Nixon envied FDR, Hillary envies Nixon; these presidential subterfuges are the difference between an extrovert and two introverts. The difference is the victory in WWII then and the decline of the American presidency now. What we got? In George Bush, a favorite son; in Bill Clinton “the baby boomer”; in Barack Obama a black; in Hillary Clinton a woman. Give us someone more than a two-dimensional president. Donald Trump seems more real, warts and all.

From the dusty road of “value relativism” announced by Alan Bloom in “The Closing of the American Mind,” cultivated by post-WWII “Life Adjustment” we have lost our values. What is left? Dream on from that magazine cover from the ‘60s of a “Kennedy Dynasty” (depicting successive receding views of JFK’s rocking chair).

From all our intellect, the truth is in the people. They must be respected and given values: “Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it,” and don’t forget the McGuffey readers. At least Donald Trump brings along Norman Vincent Peale.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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