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Letter: Trump sees state of affairs

Is Hillary, or the collective press, aware of the state of the world? Looking over a list of world leaders from before WWI, the nation states were clearly defined and their leaders were well-established and known, primarily because few democracies existed. Not today. Counties and place names were also a staple of yesterday’s education. Not today.

The press is like a computer: It has much power if it thinks before it acts; otherwise, it’s easily manipulated. Garbage in/garbage out. My favorite is asking some urbane question of a candidate that may not be relevant to their platform and expecting the candidate to know it. Those asking may not have been aware of the answer before they asked, nor do they have a plethora of answers themselves. Name your favorite head of state or some city in a Third World country. To heighten the hypocrisy, the loyal opposition or opposing network chimes in as well. Thanks for nothing … unless stirring the pot is your best contribution. Repeat the question: Is Hillary, or the collective press, aware of the state of the world?

Climate change has always been. It’s a new age, humankind has entered the equation. (We have eaten the fruit, and we continue moving out of Eden.) To this end the Northwest Passage that eluded Henry Hudson and other explorers is feasible because of thinning ice. The economic implications are earthshaking. The Obama administration has also been asleep or timid regarding Mexico, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Russia, China, North Korea, inner cities, jobs, the economy, etc.

This sort of reminds those who can remember the cartoon New York Life ads in magazines a couple of generations ago of some looming danger (a boulder about to come down or a highway about to end, etc.) and a third party asking: “Do you have life insurance?” Well, we don’t. Our insurance is only as good as our leaders and electorate. Too bad Donald Trump’s the chump pointing out the obvious. Too bad, Jill Stein. He’s the one, temperament and all.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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