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Letter: Trump travel costs

While all eyes are on Trump’s relationship with Russia and his ridiculous allegations of wire tapping, I am quite surprised that more attention hasn’t been paid to his outrageous security costs. In his eight years in office, President Obama cost taxpayers just $97 million in security costs, including vacations and state trips.

In his first month in office, Trump and his extended family cost American taxpayers an estimated $25 million in security costs. Donald Trump insists on keeping a full-time residence for Melania and his son in New York City, costing additional Secret Service as well as an estimated $300,000 to $500,000 per day for New York City.

It seems that the first family doesn’t want to make Barron change schools or subject him to walls in a home that are not gilded in gold.

What of all the military families that constantly change schools with each change of duty station; what of the migrant farmworkers whose children constantly change schools as their parents follow the crops? Yet one little boy is costing taxpayers millions of dollars a month just so that he doesn’t have to change schools. (I would assume that Washington, D.C., area private schools are used to transitioning the children of Washington’s elite, midseason on a fairly routine basis.)
Trump seems to feel entitled to luxuriate at his Mar-A-Lago estate and hit a few balls every weekend at an additional $3 million in added security costs for taxpayers each weekend, (those are some pretty steep greens fees). When the president is in Florida, the Coast Guard gets pulled off its stations protecting the public and instead protecting our jet-setting president in his waterfront palace.

Trump has placed most of his adult family in roles in his administration — aside from blatant nepotism, this represents exponential increases in security cost for an additional 16 people. Some 300 additional Secret Service personnel need to be hired. Where, oh where, are the “fiscal conservatives”? Too scared?

Marco Diaz

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