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Letter: Trump unwilling to learn

I would challenge anyone considering a vote for Trump to read “The Making of Donald Trump” by Pulitzer Prize winning author David Cay Johnston, and then say with a straight face that you don’t believe you’re being conned. Isn’t it clear enough by now that this man hasn’t the vaguest idea how government runs?

More alarming, however, is his complete and obvious unwillingness to learn. Apparently he already knows everything what with his great brain and all. Let’s not become mired in the fear and hate he’s peddling. History teaches us that these two states usually end up eroding things like compassion and empathy.

Finally, can you imagine what the right would level at Hillary Clinton if she had refused to release her tax returns?! His rantings on sexually assaulting women aside, the tax return secrecy should give anyone with half a brain pause to wonder what might be going on there, and yet there are seemingly plenty among us willing to look the other way. I just don’t get it. How anyone is seriously considering entrusting our future to this charlatan, in my opinion, is mind boggling.

Erik MacPherson

Glenwood Springs

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