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Letter: Trump’s Bureau of Land Management

Wow, Trump’s scheme to break up the BLM and spread it all over the West is really working for Colorado’s Western Slope. His lackey, Sen. Cory Gardner, has scored a coup in Grand Junction. Now we have the BLM team in the same building as oil and gas lobbyists. Maybe they can share the conference room, coffee machine and toilets?  And it can be one-stop shopping for our county commissioners. The good ol’ boys of Garfield, Rio Blanco, Mesa and Delta can wine and dine with oil and gas along with BLM folks without having to drive after happy hour. It’s a virtual country club. Maybe a cot in a closet for Rep. Scott Tipton.

What’s at stake with this coziness? The above commissioners want free reign to develop remaining oil and gas resources in the Piceance Basin without being governed by state law. Kind of a free fire zone, free to do anything. The lobbyists “influence” the commissioners and help them formulate what is best for the people, and oil and gas. Now, the important partner in the deal, the BLM, is just down the hall.

Dean Moffatt

Glenwood Springs

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