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Letter: Trump’s Christian ideals

I agree with Marco Diaz that we should wait until Donald Trump becomes the president. We should wait for a few years before you jump on your soapbox and declare that those who voted for him were right or wrong as the case may be.

Someone said we are all stupid for voting and/or ignorant — name-calling didn’t work when Trump was running, and it won’t work now.

Then again, it’s a little hard to compare apples to lemons. A majority of citizens who voted for Donald Trump were not voting for him specifically, but his Christian ideals and were voting for a set of ideals that President Obama doesn’t even know what they mean.

A lot of evidence is leading this nation to believe that Obama was a farce to begin with and just because he has been less than honest, while he was a senator and or anything else, that we as a nation can overlook the things that
He has been proven to already know that he has used this presidency to come away with a legacy, I guess I never thought I would ever see a president that was so over the top and used the race card on a continued basis.

That has been Obama’s byword. If nobody agreed with him, he chose to say they were racist rather than to admit that he was in over his head in the beginning.

Nobody said Trump was going to just take a wand and make everything perfect. Our present president has dumped every ideal that was present and tried to destroy the Constitution of the United States and has become so delusional that he thought he should run again and could win. So indeed it’s going to take a few years and maybe another president to come along to even be able to compare oranges to apples — no lemons need apply.

Obama would love to say that the last eight years have been excellent. Could very well be for him and his family. As for the rest of us, we are so ready for another change. Everybody thinks that what little Obama has accomplished needs to be redone.

Most of the blame can be placed upon the bunch of idiots in Congress. They are the lawmakers, and somehow they have chosen to believe that they are infallible. Congress couldn’t even agree to disagree. So in essence we have a bunch of criminals in Congress who have over the years shown us that they can get away with anything and blame it on the president and the U.S. citizen for allowing it.

Audrey Jane Spaulding

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