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Letter: Trump’s ‘fetch’ pals

Living in Colorado, most of us have met the dog or two that is so obsessed with fetching that they will chase snowballs into the snow all afternoon and never find “the ball.” Those dogs kinda remind me of Trump’s faithful.

The Tax Cut and Job Creation Act broke how many Trump campaign promises and “assurances”? No matter,  Trump’s base will continue to chase his “snowballs” into the snow, jump out and wag their tails for another. When they get bored he holds a rally and says the three magic words, “Hillary, Obama and Wall,” and like a dog seeing a squirrel they bark and cheer and wear their red, white and blue.

As if being pro-Trump makes a person more patriotic. I can assure you that it does not, believe me, I assure you, believe me, it’s true and not that fake news.

Anyway, onto the next stupidity — the “mucho” hyped wall, you know the one Mexico is going to pay for. Hate to burst your bubble, but are you familiar with the Gaza strip? Well, along a less-than nine mile strip between Egypt and Gaza over 1,200 smuggling tunnels have been discovered. Yeah, 1,200 along some of the most heavily guarded border in the world.

The wall is a big fat waste of money easily beat with sweat, determination and a shovel. The wall, much like Hillary and Obama, is just another snowball. Or, depending on the season, a squirrel.

Marco Diaz


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