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Letter: Trust gun feelings

In response to Christine Flowers column from 1-17-19 titled “Why I’m ready to buy a gun,” you certainly are not alone rethinking your aversion to firearms and their potential when misused. A great many people seem to be “gunsure” about their distaste for the modern firearm and what it represents.

In the hands of criminals it represents power — the power over others to do with as they please and often to take what is not their right to have. How often have we as a society been appalled at the outcome of a trial where it seems the convicted has gotten far less of a punishment than it seems they should have, using a firearm in the commission of a crime?

A firearm in the hands of a law-abiding citizen represents power as well — the power to perhaps not be the victim of a crime, the power to present a challenge to the offender and say, “I won’t be the victim today.”

A well-armed and capable citizenry would deal a huge blow to crime in this country. When you are ready, Miss Flowers, there are many paths to choose.

You might have a friend who owns firearms who could take you to a local shooting range to teach you proper safety procedures, build confidence and teach the basics of firearm handling. A comfortable setting with someone you know would be a great way to start. There will likely be local shooting ranges or clubs that you could access.

Local ranges will have classes on proper techniques, safety and shooting classes as well as instruction on what to use, what to buy, ways of handling, storing and accessing your firearm. As well, they will be able to teach you the laws in your area regarding permits, ownership, and the ramifications involved.

There is nothing wrong with admitting you are scared about the direction society is taking. Some will say you will be part of the problem arming yourself, but when you are comfortable with your decision and equally as adept with your skills when owning a firearm, perhaps you will sleep more soundly.

Gary Kirchberg

New Castle

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