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Letter: Try a little compassion

Sometimes I am just shocked by the lack of humanity in some of your letters to the editor — this time regarding the homeless population in our community.

I tend to live by the mantra, “There but for the grace of God, go I.” I tend to count my blessings rather than attack others less fortunate. If that means I am a bleeding-heart liberal, then let my heart bleed. I care about you, me, my family, my community, and those without any of the fore mentioned blessings.

I tend to look at those with cardboard signs on the corners asking for food or money as simply having a different type of job. They beg for a living. If they aren’t hurting me, how is that any different than those folks that come to my door selling cookies, or chocolate bars, or their religion?

What about those that solicit me on the phone during my dinner hour? It’s begging too. But they are all jobs. I might not like their jobs. But I certainly don’t blame them for having one. And I certainly don’t have to buy their product if I don’t want to.

I hope we can come up with a compassionate, safe and agreeable solution to the homeless in our community. Until then, I say thank you to those agencies and people that continue to extend their services and concern.

Nancy Reinisch

Glenwood Springs

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