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Letter: Two systems of justice

Obama’s spy chief James Clapper admits to lying to Congress. He’s never prosecuted, keeps his job and now flies into our beautiful valley on a government Gulfstream to lecture us at the Aspen Institute on “security.”

Wall Street rapes Main Street. Millions lose homes. No one’s prosecuted eight years hence.

The billionaire Lester Crown family, owner of Aspen Ski Co., General Dynamics and a huge percent of Wall Street’s JP Morgan Chase, “best friends with the president,” ban peon ski instructor from lands they lease from us, we the people on the day said peon passes out a flier to raise wages.

My friend and hero, civil rights attorney Glenn Greenwald — winner of Pulitzer, Polk and Academy awards — claims there are two systems of justice in the United States: one for political and financial elites like the billionaire Crowns and another system for everyone else.

Lee Mulcahy


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