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Letter: Unfair to citizens

In the June 5 guest opinion, Sophia Clark’s compassion for foreign nationals here illegally comes at the expense of all U.S. citizens. We not only lose jobs to half-price undocumented workers, we live with income inequality caused by illegal immigration. Add on the $30-50 billion sent south of the border and out of our economy every year, one can see why I consider people here illegally a detriment to American society as a whole and working citizens in particular. Sophia displays a naïve, idealistic view of a world in which we can no longer play Mother Theresa to all of the Third World’s castoffs. Her dire laments over mass deportations are just an inane straw dog. We can identify citizens and legal foreign workers. Fine employers $500/week for each illegal worker employed and they will self deport.

As for breaking up families, that is entirely up to the parents who have no legal right to be here. They can take their little citizens back to their homeland with the great advantage of dual citizenship. Their kids can come back any time in the future, thanks to their parents being sneaky.

What Sophia calls immigration reform is mere amnesty and an invitation to millions of more people to breach our borders.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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