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Letter: Unjust attack on Martin

How unsurprising that the local dumbocrats are just as corrupt as the person they have leading the party. John Acha and Democratic Party leaders knew they had a snowball’s chance in hell of unseating 20-year public servant John Martin.

So they wait until a month before the election to smear Martin with baseless slander about inconsequential amounts of expense account money. John Martin is an honorable man who has not served this county and its residents for 20 years so as to profit a measly couple of thousand bucks from an expense fund.

If the contrived charges were valid, why would they offer to let Martin off the hook if he got off the ballot? By these actions, John Acha has shown himself to be nothing more than a conniver. I don’t believe Acha was ignorant of his party’s representatives threats to Martin. I find him to be a desperate man not to be trusted.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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