Letter: Unprepared and unfit

Mr. Khalsa, your article was an amazingly ignorant piece that clearly demonstrated exactly how very little you know about the duties of the sheriff or our local police force.

It was beautiful to read, however, the reality of what the police department handles wasn’t properly represented in your very poetic drivel. The police do all the things that you mentioned, and yes the sheriff is involved in these activities. They are also involved in the community as much as their very busy schedules allow for.

Police officers, sheriff included, have a difficult time scheduling personal time let alone trying to make time every week for community activities. Personally, I’d prefer to know that our police are protecting us rather than out having tea time with the community.

Obviously, a well informed community functions better, and I believe that for the most part our police do a good job of informing the community. So long as the police keep up the good work that I personally see daily, I don’t mind if they do yoga and eat organically, or if they lift weights and eat six cheeseburgers, that’s their choice.

Their personal eating and workout routines are just that, “personal” and therefore should not be used against them in your campaign. Also, the crime rate is not going to magically drop, which is why the police exist. For an individual vying for the sheriff position to not only state something so blatantly ignorant, but to follow it up with allowing criminals to just drive through our communities is outrageous!

The criminals may drive through Garfield County, but we as a whole live in the state of Colorado. Simply brushing off or ignoring criminals does neither help and protect our community or provide good cooperation within our state, essentially allowing for the crime rate to escalate.

Mr. Khalsa, if you truly believe in your stated ideals, then you are neither prepared nor fit for the sheriff position.

Judy Herigstad


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