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Letter: Use your head, vote GOP

Don’t be stupid. Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face. Don’t vote Democratic in this election unless you want to cripple an unbelievable economy and reduce your standard of living.

Property values are up 13 percent, household income per family up $2,000, your 401K’s, job opportunities, and starting salaries, off the charts.

Also, 2.2 million people off food stamps, unemployment at 3.8 percent, almost nonexistent, Social Security disability down 1.5 million people, all accomplished in only 18 months by a president who was ultra-criticized for everything he does or says since he was elected. 

That in itself is an unbelievable accomplishment. These are just a few of the benefits of having a businessman instead of a politician for our president. Yes, he’s outspoken, sometimes very blunt, but he’s delivering for you and me on his promises. Yes, he’s a very rich man, owes no one favors, and has the American public as his number one goal. He’s 110 percent for the citizens of this great country. Donald Trump is a blue collar president, and I find that very refreshing.

President Donald Trump haters are the ignorant people that voted for Barack Obama (twice). Obama said “A 1 percent GDP is the new norm and a 2.5 percent GDP is no longer attainable.” Guess what!? Under President Trump, our present GDP is 4.1 percent and climbing. Thanks, President Trump. 

As a veteran, I appreciate everything he’s done for me and other veterans. You’ve got to be honest and ask yourself,  “Am I and my family better off financially and feel safer under President Trump or under the previous administration’s failed policies?”

So, go ahead and vote Democratic, you’ll get what you deserve. But I can guarantee you won’t like it. 

Use your head. Vote for what’s best for our country and your family. 

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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