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Letter: VA pick as bad as rest

Isn’t it fortunate for all the veterans that voted for Trump, that there are people in Washington wiser than he is. (Not that it takes much).

Trump’s pick for the VA secretary, Ronny Jackson, was wildly unqualified for an already troubled institution even before some of the allegations about his behavior surfaced. Veterans deserve more than a president that chooses a person for such a position on the basis that he looks good on television.

Now, because of Trump’s incompetence it seems likely that the VA will be without anybody at the helm for additional weeks or months.

Jackson is of course only the tip of the iceberg. In a shameful show of partisan politics Republican senators pushed through Trump’s other cabinet nominees no matter how unqualified they were.

Ben Carson for HUD because he is African American and grew up poor.

Betsy DeVos for education never attended a public school and has no degree in education and required the vote of the vice president to squeeze her in.

Scott Pruitt as the head of the EPA is the equivalent of putting a pedophile in charge of a kindergarten.

Rex Tillerson will probably go down as one of the worst Secretaries of State in history.

Jeff Sessions, once denied a federal judiciary position, is saturated with antiquated views on justice.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin took his trophy wife at taxpayer expense to check out the gold at Fort Knox.

Ryan Zinke, a former Navy Seal with no real experience, wants to aggressively open up public lands for corporate profits. Zinke exaggerated about his command experience and was caught submitting travel expenses to the Navy for personal travel; oddly he is under scrutiny for his travel as Interior Secretary.

Back to Republican veterans: How can you support a president that consistently picks cabinet members with the best interests of the wealthy and big business then turns around and picks a potential leader for the VA that is woefully unqualified. This shows little or no respect for veterans. If you voted for Trump you sure got what you paid for.

Marco Diaz


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