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Letter: Value and fun of English in Action

Volunteering for English in Action is one of the most important and rewarding activities in my life. I teach in the “open hours” walk-in classes on Thursday evenings in El Jebel.

Tutoring immigrants in our valley who wish to learn English is not only an act of compassion and inclusion, but is also an activist political commitment. In the current climate of divisive, suspicious, racist and fearful rhetoric, I am so grateful to serve and embrace our immigrant neighbors, and work to unify our community and acknowledge our human interdependence.

Teaching English is great fun, too. I love the students, the other tutors, the EIA staff and board members. We have great trainings, fundraisers and parties. I unconditionally recommend joining EIA and becoming a volunteer tutor.

Right now 120 students are waiting for tutors. The next tutor training will be on Sept. 13. Please contact info@englishinaction.org, or call 970-963-9200.

David Floria


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