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Letter: Value and respect Independents

Regarding Randy Fricke’s letter of June 17. To change the results of the political process or the process itself, you have to wholly and strategically participate.

The primary process was strong armed at the Democratic Convention to assure Hillary Clinton was the candidate. What happened to the Bernie supporting; younger; more diverse; most enthusiastic; progressive wing of the Democrats was disgraceful, and an altogether stupid move. It resulted in many Democrats giving up their party registration. I don’t want to hear from the pontificating establishment of the party who blame the election of our current criminal in charge on Berners. Our state voters enthusiastically elected Bernie in the primary election and then tucked our tails and elected Hillary in the general election. Hillary won in Colorado. We did not sit it out.
To Randy Fricke’s point, I have tremendous respect for Independents. I have remained a registered Democrat but personally have reached out to Independents in the last election. Also, I was privy to the email exchange between Randy when he extended an invitation to local Democratic leadership and they simply were unable to attend Randy’s Independent meeting because of previous commitments.

Democratic leadership are uninterested at their peril, considering the fact that Independents are the swing 33% vote in our county. I hope they know this. We need you and we need you now. Please “interfere” in the 2020 elections by, however briefly registering as a Democrat, so that your influence in the primary is felt. Do not take your ball and go home. Trump and climate change obligate you to play the game as it exists. I can’t speak for Colorado state leadership but I am a small part of Garfield county leadership, and we value and respect our Independent sisters and brothers.

Barb Coddington,
Glenwood Springs

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