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Letter: Value of teachers

This is in response to Bruno Kirchenwitz’s letter on July 7. In his letter, Mr. Kirchenwitz asserts that teachers are overcompensated.

While I don’t agree with this, that is not what prompted my response. It was the last line of his letter that got my attention. He states that “those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

I find this insulting to all of the educators out there. Is this to say that those who teach have no skills so they decide to go into the prestigious and highly lucrative career of teaching? I think not. These are dedicated professionals who do their best day in and day out to prepare the next generation for the world.

Mr. Kirchenwitz, I know nothing about you. I do see your letters from time to time and know that you shoot from the hip and have a no-bull style. I can definitely appreciate this but, c’mon man. I assume you went to a school of some sort. I’m sure you didn’t learn everything from the school of hard knocks. Surely, you have benefited from teachers at some point in your life.

I know that the teachers I had in high school definitely deserved a raise when I was in their class. I may not have appreciated them then but, I do now. Your writing style tells me that perhaps you presented some challenges to your teachers in the classroom as well. Teachers meet these challenges head-on and, more often than not, the student is much better off because of these individuals.

I for one, am thankful for the folks that teach the youth (and adults) in our community. They are invaluable and an asset to this community, this country and this world. At least, that is what I was taught.

Josh Hejtmanek

New Castle

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