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Letter: Vidakovich declined to mention his own contribution

I just read Mike Vidakovich’s column about the 1979 state basketball championship team. Vidak always has a way of bringing up great memories of years gone by, whether it is about a particular community member, running events throughout the years, or stories about past teams and players in the area. This column is no different. It too brought back great memories of friends and teammates, and the continuing friendships we have today. 

But Mike left out some very important facts about that night in 1978 and the season of 1979. Vidak was a very important part of that team, and without him, we don’t have the success that we did. He was a three-year varsity player, voted all-conference, and was selected to the All-State and All-Tournament team in 1979. He was also selected as the State Tournament Most Valuable Player, leading the Demons in scoring during the three game tourney. He was invited to play in the All-State basketball game along with Kevin Flohr, and it was rare to have two players from the same team in that game.

I am looking forward to catching up with Coach Chavez and other members of the team in a few weeks, including Vidak!

Scott Bolitho

Glenwood Springs

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