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Letter: Viera didn’t receive asylum

In response to community interest in the immigration relief obtained by Salomon Viera — the Salvadoran immigrant who battled addiction to meth. The community should understand that Mr. Viera did not receive asylum. Asylum leads to permanent residence and citizenship. Viera received protection under the U.N. Convention against Torture (CAT). Legally, CAT protection only defers an alien’s deportation. Hence, the reporting requirement to local ICE officials. The Government may file a motion to terminate his CAT protection at any time. Mr. Viera would have obtained the same protection from Canada because Canada and 248 other countries, including the U.S., are parties or signatories to CAT. Viera simply persuaded an immigration judge that he would be killed with the acquiescence of Salvadoran police if he were deported to El Salvador. The bullet removed from his nose undoubtedly helped him make his case.

Ted Hess,
Immigration Attorney

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