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Letter: Virgili understands responsibilities of board governance

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Garfield County is fortunate to have Marianne Virgili and Mary Nelle Axelson as candidates for the CMC Board of Directors. Both have a long and distinguished history of service to our community and have strong, if different, qualifications for the position. That being said, I believe that Marianne’s background makes her a much better fit for the job. As the CEO of the Glenwood Chamber Resort for 30 years she was the driving force behind the Community on the Move committee to win a dozen local election campaigns to fund trails, streets, bridges, public buildings, transit solutions, historic preservation, the arts and education. Funding is always a challenge for educational institutions and this background and knowledge will be very valuable. Government institutions are also very important to the college, and her resume is very strong in this arena. She has represented the region under three Colorado governors by serving on state boards for film, creative industries and educational and cultural facilities.

While Mary Axelson’s teaching and committee credentials are impressive, the role of a board of directors is very different than the role of being on staff. Marianne has served on local and national boards and in fact chaired the US Chamber Institute’s National Board of Trustees. She understands the 360-degree view, visioning, oversight, transparency, budgetary responsibilities and other best practices of board governance. These are the skills CMC needs to continue to provide superior educational opportunities to students who want to study, live and work in the mountain communities it serves.

Please join me in voting for Marianne Virgili and return your ballot by Nov. 5.

Ted Edmonds
Glenwood Springs

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