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Letter: Virtues of umbrellas

To respond to Lindsay DeFrates’ question in Tuesday’s opinion page, “When was the last time you used an umbrella?” One of the first purchases I made when I moved to Colorado from Wyoming 34 years ago was an umbrella.

I now have one in every vehicle and two by the front door. It is not that I am afraid of getting a little wet now and then, but when I leave the house on a beautiful sunny day to head out to work, the raincoat is not always first thing on my mind. Heading to the park to get a nice afternoon walk with my dog, I often find myself in the middle of one of our famous Colorado squalls, which will make me and the pup both look like we took a dip in the nearby river, albeit less smelly.

One of the most useful purposes of my umbrella and the No. 1 reason I have many umbrellas is for sun protection. I spend many summer days watching youth sports. I find myself in the hot sun often, and my umbrella provides a welcomed reprieve from the intense UVs. Talk about the ultimate sunscreen!

For those of us who have already experienced some form of skin cancer, I appreciate the protection it provides when there are no shade trees nearby. So, Lindsay, owning an umbrella in Colorado does not make me a wannabe city dwelling prima donna, but it makes me feel that I can enjoy a good baseball game the mountains on sunny days or the sudden rain squalls with my trusty multipurpose tool, my umbrella.

Dorothy Howard

Glenwood Springs

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