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Letter: Vote for more compassionate politicians and immigration policies

This is tragic! I recently read an article in The Guardian about an El Salvadoran developmentally delayed 27-year-old man separated from his cousin on March 30, 2019, when they requested asylum at the Mexican-American border.

He had papers with him that documented his cognitive age as that of a 4 year old. His mother and other siblings live in Virginia. After they separated him from his cousin, he was sent to Juarez, Mexico, under the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

While awaiting his case and kept in Mexico for months without assistance, his case by chance was noticed by someone in El Paso, Texas. His family had no idea where he was detained as no one was with him to be an advocate or caretaker. Not believing the paperwork from El Salvador, he was sent for a new cognitive ability test. It showed no change in his condition. However, as of this time it is not known whether he has been released to his family in Virginia or if he remains in a shelter, alone in Mexico waiting for his asylum case.

I have a developmentally delayed son. My son could not survive on his own without my assistance or the local program that assists people with development delays. How is it possible that this case has not been resolved and he has not been allowed to be with his family?

This is inhumane. How is it possible that a cognitively delayed person was not kept with family at the time of his asylum request? Are the Customs and Border Patrol so cruel that even the developmentally delayed are being separated from their families? We must vote for more compassionate politicians and immigration policies.

Renee McCullough
Glenwood Springs

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