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Letter: Vote “Yes” on 4A and 4B for our teachers and children

It is so important to get out and vote for the Garfield Re-2 school funding measures on the current ballot.  

Over the past two years, Re-2 has lost over 250 employees. Any business owner will tell you that turnover is costly and also very disruptive. Our kids personally witness this on an annual basis — getting to know and trust a great teacher only to see them leave at the end of the school year. 4A will help Re-2 retain and recruit quality teachers and staff by creating a more competitive salary schedule. Our neighboring districts have passed similar mill levy overrides to support their staff. We owe it to our community to do the same.  

This year the district moved fifth graders back to the elementary schools. I greatly applaud this effort as it is just too young to be in middle school. However, this has created space issues at some of the schools including Cactus Valley Elementary and Highland Elementary. Now, some children are learning in modular units placed on the property. Not only does this lessen the cohesion at these schools, but it creates extra organizational hassles and possible safety issues. 4B would give us the funding to build four classrooms at both of these schools at a time when construction costs are reasonable.

The impact of these two measures is minimal. Total tax impact is only $4.01 per $100,000 of actual value on your residential property taxes. A small investment for a massive impact. Please join me in voting “Yes” on 4A and 4B. Our children are worth it. Our educators are worth it. Our future is worth it!

Kari Meskin


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