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Letter: Voting no on street tax

After careful consideration I will vote no on new street taxes. My reasons are:

Do more with less: A 20-year new sales tax and almost doubling the city’s bonded debt to $56 million is not the answer to our chronic street problems. Instead the city should prioritize its annual $44 million plus budgets to fix our streets on highest need basis over a 10-year period from existing revenue streams and other available resources.

“Tourists will pay the bulk of the new taxes” is a bad and dubious bargain. This thinking will make the city ever more dependent for its fiscal health on the tourist industry, which already is relentlessly and incessantly promoting Glenwood on worldwide media and thereby diminishing our local character. Imagine the disastrous impact on tourist dollars should the monstrous quarry project of RMR ever be approved.

The city’s plate of pending project is already filled to the brim, e.g.: The Seventh Street beautification, the North Landing at Sixth Street, South Midland and the Sunlight bridge. Digesting and completing these key projects must be the city’s primary focus.

Taxes once imposed are never or seldom repealed.

Sales taxes are regressive and fall heaviest on the lower and middle income residents.

This new tax will hurt Glenwood stores and restaurants: Shoppers and restaurant patrons will increasingly defect to lower taxed cities like Carbondale, Gypsum (Costco) and Rifle.

There you have it. I am urging my fellow Glenwood voters to vote no.

Gerry VanderBeek

Glenwood Springs

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