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Letter: Wake up, America

Our constitutional republic was driven onto the slippery slope of socialism by FDR, when he threatened removal of nine Supreme Court justices if they did not abandon constitutional principles and violate the commerce clause. In 1942 they did so, allowing the federal government to control all farm commerce at whim in Wickard v. Filburn.

Since then, every unknown government bureaucrat could potentially ruin any farmer by ruling arbitrarily. That set up an environment of corruption and favoritism and disincentivized farming if you didn’t “know someone.”

Such a bureaucratic nightmare would have been impossible under the prior rigorous adherence to constitutional principle — a time unknown to almost anyone alive today.

And the extra-constitutional precedent of 1942 was the basis of Justice Ginsburg’s opinion in NFIB v. Sibelius validating Obamacare, the greatest step toward socialism in the history of the republic, and the ultimate statement of the government that it has authority over every aspect of every American’s life.

No form of socialism in history ever built a thriving economy. Every socialist regime started first with a thriving capitalist economy, and everyone was ruined by the socialist regime, which is exactly what is happening to the United States.

Americans are like frogs being slowly boiled. They notice neither their disappearing rights, nor that they are being distracted.

Health insurance was still a free market in 1981. Rates were low until federal interference, and the proposal of the Liability Risk Retention Act, which drove 276 insurance providers out of business by 1986. Instead of letting market forces re-establish low rates, Democrats insisted on fixing it with Obamacare.

The Constitution was written to prevent tyrannical bureaucracies. Those idealists who believe inequities can be prevented by government are woefully uninformed by history, and have failed to consider how one prevents those with the power to control inequity from causing it.

The best mechanism ever invented to do that was Constitutional checks and balances — now irrelevant because the unelected secretary of Health and Human Services can control your future, and you have absolutely no recourse.

Stop being the walking dead. Wake up. Vote out those who would promise fairness at the expense of your rights.

I am a defender of constitutionally limited government. You can easily verify every one of my assertions. And when you do, you will realize that they are zealots who lie about who they are and what they have done to achieve their utopia, lie about those who disagree with them, and lie about the costs to you. If you are honest with yourself, you know which party has done this and that the media is mostly liberal.

Tim Twombly

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